A Letter from Dana Mennie regarding Jeff Speakman

2/6/2013 8:59:17 AM

A Letter from Dana Mennie:
World Renowned Master of Kenpo 5.0 Martial Arts, Jeff Speakman, our great friend and mentor is about to take on the fight of his life. This past week he was diagnosed with cancer of the throat. Most recently, Mr. Speakman has been working on his reintroduction into the film industry with us while concurrently running his World Training Center in Las Vegas when he received the news from his doctors at City of Hope. Our friend will be starting chemo and radiation therapy next week and is told by his physicians that his prognosis is excellent. As we all know him, the selfless person that he is, Mr. Speakman will most certainly take this battle on bravely and quietly. But we wont let him do this alone. Mr. Speakmans personal motto, which he exemplifies even more now, is Never Give Up and we must show him we are with him in this battle as he has been there countless times for so many of us. Everyone knows that when faced with this type of situation, medical treatment and co-pay is very costly, travel and living expenses add up quickly.
We are starting a fund in his name to be used for his care throughout his treatment and recovery. It is called the Jeff Speakman Medical Fund and all proceeds will be used to help Mr. Speakman so he wont have to worry about dealing with the financial side of this. Anyone can make a difference by gifting any dollar amount to this fund. Gift payments can be made directly via PayPal using Mr. Speakmans website http://www.jeffspeakman.com/shop/ .
Lets help the Perfect Weapon keep shining his light upon us all and share much more of this life together with him.
Thank you in advance for your time and support.
Dana Mennie

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