Jackie Chan

?Benny Urquidez is one of the finest martial artists I?ve worked with. Because of our efforts, we brought out the best in each other in our memorable fight scenes in?Wheels on Meals.?

Chuck Norris

“Benny The Jet Urquidez is a warrior who is ?a very real, compassionate, empathetic human being. He is without a ?doubt the most dangerous and toughest man I know, but the kindest.”

Don The Dragon Wilson

“I first met Benny The Jet in Hong Kong in the early 80’s. He impressed me then and has continued to do so until this day. The easiest way to describe my admiration and respect would be to say, I would hope to emulate him in every way as a champion. He is a true warrior, martial artist, and teacher. He is a culmination of all the things that are good and best about Kick boxing. I treasure every moment with Benny and feel anyone who spends time with him will benefit not just in regards to their martial arts but as a human being.”

David Lee Roth

?I have had the privilege of studying with Sensei Benny The Jet Urquidez, he was the inspiration behind Van Halen’s hit song “Jump”. ?The Urquidez contribution to the world of martial arts is inestimable. MMA fighters today should be very thankful they don?t have to deal with Benny!?

Jean Claude Van Damme

“He is a man with a lot of heart, he?s very strong not just physically but also mentally.”

Russell Brand

?Many people ask me ?Russell, how do you pray? ? ?Here ?are some techniques on praying that I use every morning taught to me by martial arts master Benny The Jet Urquidez whom I have trained with. ?Look him up!

1. Gratitude – Think of 3 things you?re grateful for and be thankful for them.

2. Find some things you need courage in “I will need courage here, grant me courage”.

3. Find people other than you that would like to be healed ?”I pray for healing for this person”.

4. Ask to be able to read the signs to be in alignment with the great truths.

5. Express the will of these great truths.

That is a simple technique for praying.

Thank you Benny The Jet.?

Gene Lebelle

?I first met Benny when he was an adolescent kid. ?What many mistook as shyness was actually a display of respect that he had for his teachers and elders. ?Throughout all the years that I’ve known Benny, I never once heard him cuss or ever have a bad word to say about anyone, which is a tribute to the love and admiration he has carried throughout his life for his devoted and caring mother, Lupe. ?Although Benny excelled in all aspects of the martial arts, he will always be remembered as?The Greatest Pound for Pound Kickboxer?of All Time.??He had all the ingredients of a champion?– he was fearless, knowledgeable, determined, could take a punch, and possessed an arsenal of devastating weapons. ?Most of all he had the mindset of a true warrior. What impressed me most was that his belief in himself was so strong that he was willing to take chances that other fighters?were unwilling to take.

Benny has not led an easy life and has worked hard all his life. ?I know few people who have worked as hard and as consistently as Benny Urquidez. ?He has sacrificed much to obtain the rich and fulfilling life that he and his family enjoy today. ?Most important, his many achievements have been the result of a life lived with honor and integrity. ?His openness about his entire life experience is truly refreshing and takes great courage.

Over the past six decades the martial arts in the?US as well as abroad has grown tremendously and is now studied by millions of people. ?Unfortunately our martial arts community in America has fewer leaders that it ever has. ?Benny is one of those few leaders. He has become a true spiritual warrior.

Even though Benny is unofficially retired from the ring, even at over 60 years of age, he could still fight with the best. ?I very much look forward to seeing what accomplishments Benny will achieve in the future. ?Personally, knowing him for all these years, I believe that he?s just warming up and that
?the best is still yet to come.??Should you run into Benny ?The Jet? anywhere in his worldwide travels, take a moment to shake his hand and thank him for making the world a better place and for enriching the lives of so many!?

Gokor Chivichyan

?Benny The Jet is one of the most unique?kick boxers in the world and one of my favorites to watch because he Is relaxed when he fights. Benny is a good, kind man who is always there to help. Being one who chooses my friends carefully,?I am proud to say that Benny has been?a close friend for many years.?

John Cusack

?Benny The Jet is a grandmaster? the best of the best, it is an honor to be with him always. He is one of the most remarkable and loving people that I have ever met, an inspiration to everyone he touches. Training with Benny The Jet, I?m just in it for life.?

Instructor Level 6- ?Ukidokan Kickboxing

Duff McKagan – Guns N Roses

“Ukidokan taught me to be a husband, father, friend, and protector. I dealt with fears that had driven me to dark and scary places. ?Sensei Benny ?has the ability to heal, teach, counsel and advise in veritably any subject or circumstance. I grew up in the dojo where under the watchful eye of Sensei Benny Urquidez , I became a man, at last.”

Instructor Level 6- ?Ukidokan Kickboxing

Nicolas Cage

?Training With Benny The Jet for Con Air I felt that he was almost able to hypnotize me into believing I could accomplish certain martial arts moves, specifically the spinning back kick. Within a week I was doing it, it was almost like magic.?

Cynthia Rothrock

?Benny The Jet Urquidez is a true warrior in Martial Arts. He is not only an exceptional martial artist but he has the biggest and kindest heart of anyone I?ve met. It is a blessing to have Benny as a friend.?

Patrick Swayze

“My Training for Road house was pretty rigorous, full body contact. I?ve trained in Martial Arts my whole life but I could not have done Road House and got to the level that I have without Benny and I working one on one. I patterned my Road House character Daltons eyes after Bennys eyes because he is a bad dude! I love working with him so I concentrated like a lunatic, I just focused on his eyes and he turned me into a fighter.

Benny The Jet is an incredible human being in those eyes, yet truly has power. You do not mess with this man, but he also has an incredible spirituality about how he goes about his approach to martial arts. It?s really exciting to work with him and it made me feel really good because by the time we were done with the movie he felt I could go into professional kick boxing. Benny?s become my new hero.”

Peter Cunningham

?Sensei Benny The Jet Urquidez to me is teacher, philosopher, warrior, champion and role model.??The Jet has been a profound influence in my fight career and my life, and I am honored to have been trained and studied under both him and his legendary brothers and sister, Lilly. ?Thank you grandmaster Benny The Jet Urquidez,?for your knowledge and inspiration.?

Bill Wallace

?Benny, in my estimation is the best fighter to have come from the United States, even the whole world. He fought under all rules and I think was fearless in his movement. He is a great friend of mine and I cherish his friendship and am very jealous of?his abilities!?

Ed Parker Jr.

?The Parker family has known Benny Urquidez most of our lives. My father Ed Parker Senior, a pioneer in martial arts history, had an influence on The Jet at an early stage in his career. I recall Sara his wife once told me that she would only marry Benny if he had a job first. She then told me that my Dad turned right around and gave Benny a job right on the spot and the rest is history. The martial arts industry started off small at the beginning with a small group of legends and superstars. Some of these superstars wound up in the motion picture industry. Some of these individuals produce phenomenal students, some created large systems while others became legendary world fighters. Mr. Urquidez has done all of them. I am pleased to know that his story is being told. We should all open the history books and document those whose journey is worthy of documenting. With his contributions and his example having influenced this world for five decades, Benny The Jet Urquidez is one of those individuals who deserves to have his story told.?
-Martial Arts Dignitary and Paxtial Arts Founder

Blinky Rodriguez

?Benny The Jet Urquidez – The Greatest?in more ways than one. A Champion?in and out of the ring. The leader of all pioneers.?The International lynch pin to all continents.?The gentle-spirited humanitarian – my brother.?

Bill Mutsuto Ryusaki

?I remember Benny coming to me as a kid to train for the first time. He was a hard worker and excelled in everything, which is why he became a champion. His inspiration is why I still continued teaching.

Mahalo and Aloha from your?Sensei Grand Master Hawaiian Kenpo?and Kajukenbo.?